Tarot, Intuition, Conscious Knowledge



Kris R. Anderson combines his expertise in Tarot with his knowledge of Consciousness to help you understand where you fit into the Universe and to help you with techniques for self mastery. Kris  has been psychic ever since he was a teenager. Even then, he had a very good understanding of how things work, the world around us, the nature of self and the mindsets that surround it. Many people call him an Old Soul. He has a keen passion for alchemy, the mystery schools, secret knowledge and nature. Book a psychic reading with Kris in Highland Park, by phone or Skype, to help yourself understand the deeper meaning of your life, and to see the Universe in a new light.


Kris can read for you in person at Highland Park (Gold Coast), at your home in the Gold Coast (travel fee applies), or via Skype or phone. International and interstate clients are very welcome.

To book a reading, please call or SMS Kris on +61 428 626 727. Include your name and preferred day/ time if possible. Kris can also be contacted by email.


Love Numerology? Seeing 11:11? Contact my wife Sarah for a Reading. www.sarahyip.com