Conscious Wisdom Podcast

The Conscious Wisdom Podcast is a twenty episode round table discussion television show and podcast hosted by Kris R. Anderson that was originally broadcast on 31 Digital Television.  You can find full episodes and other content at their webpage at

Conscious Wisdom Started in Brisbane in 2013 as a discussion group. Greg Dodge, the founder, attracted a bi-monthly group of divergent thinkers to share, grow and learn from each other about Conscious Wisdom.

Our Vision
Conscious Wisdom is an open minded movement that looks towards a world that facilitates the growth of individuals to actively participate in a conscious enlightened world. A compassionate and connected community, where wisdom, wholeness, sustainability, kindness, healing, sharing, and the balance of the feminine and masculine are at the centre of life. We are dedicated to a clear vision that together we can create a more loving, connected and enlightened world, a world in renaissance that expresses, honours and respects the vastness of diversity in humanity and our relationship with all living things, planet earth and the universe.

Our Mission
Conscious Wisdom is a community network of learning that provides innovative discussions, events, programs and resources that foster balance, cultivates consciousness, curiosity, wisdom and mindfulness, for a more just, sustainable, connected and flourishing world.
Our tree of wisdom supports ideas around Philosophy, Spirituality, Science, Health, Esoteric, Life, Creativity, Education, Sustainability, History, Freedom, Deep Ecology, Wisdom and Consciousness.
We support and encourage a diversity of ideas about mind, body, spirit, love, creativity, inclusiveness and harmlessness.
Conscious Wisdom offers discussion groups, pod-casts, retreats, presentations, classes, and the facilitation of community based collaborative projects, activities and events.

Our Purpose
The specific and primary purpose of Conscious Wisdom is to develop and disseminate information, knowledge and action based outcomes relating to the human mind, body, spirit and the natural world, through discussion groups, forums and events, seminars, retreats, workshops, publications, library and other means to encourage conscious awareness of various approaches and methods for expanding the field of possibilities towards a world that works for the greater good of everyone. Conscious Wisdom fosters the process of living a more healthy life of mind, body and spirit while deepening our connections to self, partners, family, community, planet earth and the natural world.